Changing The Way You React To Different situations

April 3, 2013

Think Before You React

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We have been given intelligence as human beings. Having the ability to be the boss of our own brains. Our thoughts tell our bodies how to react to different things. Example: when you burn you hand it seems like it takes a second to realize your being burned, because your thought is, to move your hand away because this hurts. We also have a defense mechanism for when we feel threaten. No body else can control what you think about. You can think of it as you are the boss or manager telling your employees what they should be doing, so that the shift will move by in a rational control manner.
A good portion of the population, react immediately to a certain situations without thinking about what they are going to say, or who they might hurt with there words.

When someone approaches you, they are going to be negative, complaining, self-absorbed, or they are going to be inspirational and positively uplifting. You have the choice to react the appropriate way. When you are confronted, blamed, ect. You don’t want to react with a negative behavior. Example:like yelling, arguing your point. When your trying to defend yourself.
When a total stranger is passing you on the freeway revving up their engine, turns to you and flips you off,  your immediate reaction is going to be, to defend yourself by name calling back or even getting up behind them following to close. This would be a negative behavior. To automatically react to this situation.

To react in a positive healthier way, STOP and Just think about the man flipping you off for five seconds inside of your brain. What could he be so angry about? Maybe this person had a real hard day, or maybe there late for an appointment and you were in their way. The reaction will be a lot different  than if you react right away. Just try it 5 seconds in a thought before you react.

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